Kearney's Dancing with the Stars 2016

Denny Placzek

CEO/Executive Director of Kearney Family YMCA

Denny Placzek CEO/Executive Director of Kearney Family YMCAExercise king

Now this guy is in shape! Have you ever seen him working out? And Denny Placzek has plenty of opportunity to do weights and cardio at Kearney Family YMCA, where he is executive director, and also leads spin classes. Maybe we’ll see some Zumba moves on the dance floor – or lifting his partner? Denny and his wife Amy are parents to Chase and Lydia, and have a grandson Brycen. Denny has been active as a Colonel in the Chamber, and participated in the Shamrock Shuttle event. Denny was quick to say “yes” when asked to be a dancing star… he just won’t take off his shirt. We’ll see.

What experience do you have dancing: “Not much.”

Words to describe what you look like when you dance: “Interesting. Wow.”

Favorite dance: “Not sure.”

Least favorite dance step: “No idea.”

Favorite dance partner: “My wife.”

Favorite memory of dancing: “Disco… with my wife”

Personal goal for KDWTS: “Not embarrassing my wife or dance partner.”

Why did you decide to participate in KDWTS: “To support the community and raise money for these worthy causes.”

Favorite ‘Dancing with the Stars’ star: “Valerie Harper.”

Who is your STAR to beat in this competition: “Jason Sharp.”

Why fans should vote for you: “Because I’m a nice guy.”

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