Marge Lauer

 Business Consultant
“The Winning ‘Grandma Gone Wild'”

Marge Lauer - Kearney's Dancing with the Stars 2

When Marge Lauer and Jason Sharp wowed us all in 2016 she was the grandma gone wild… She tore off her skirt! They also brought home the Judge’ Choice trophy with their patriotic-themed dance and smooth yet athletic moves. Marge is well-known in the agriculture and business community and knows her business in bioproducts and in consulting. Husband Jim and son Phillip Lauer and daughter Kyla Trumble and her two grandsons keep her busy. She was founding Executive Director of the Kearney Area Community Foundation and led Phase One of Yanney Heritage Park, among other community volunteer work and leadership. Marge and Jason know well what the contestants are going through and now have a keen eye for dance form and movement.

Dancing experience: “Primarily just social dancing, but also ballroom dance classes with my husband, and country-swing with our Brazilian exchange students. I learned so much from KDWTS in 2016 and now enjoy dancing even more.”

Favorite dance partner: “Certainly it is Jim, but I’ll give credit to Jason Sharp for being a dedicated and talented partner as well.”

Favorite dance style: “Ballroom, regardless of the specific style. It is flowing, graceful and sometimes very complex.”

Song that will get her on to the dance floor: “Smooth” by Santana or “Beer Barrel Polka”

Memorable achievement related to dance: “Getting a certificate of completion for taking Western Swing classes with Rodrigo, our exchange student from Brazil. His country doesn’t practice ‘gender equality’ as does the U.S., so every time we would need to turn a corner, I would be in the lead position for three steps. He wanted, and sometimes did, stop the instructor to tell them that it wasn’t right that I was in the lead.”

Why did you decide to participate in KDWTS: “Good causes, good fun, good challenge.”

What was your favorite memory from KDWTS 1: “It was great to win Judges’ Choice, but there was much more to that. I loved having my family there. I thoroughly enjoyed the participation and quips from the judges. The people attending had a great meal and a great time. It was all-around enjoyable.”

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