Kearney's Dancing with the Stars 2016

Jason Sharp

Financial Adviser, Edward Jones

Jason Sharp Financial Adviser, Edward JonesInvest in the best

For 19 years Jason Sharp has advised people on their financial investments with Edward Jones… and now he’s advising people to vote for him as the best dancer. We’ll see if he can learn as much about steps and rhythm as he knows about the markets. Jason is dad to daughter Taylor and sons Creighton and Oliver, and his wife and favorite dance partner is Bridget. Jason stays busy working with SAFE Center, the Family Advocacy Network, Rooted, Central Nebraska Local Outreach to Suicide Survivors team and YMCA Foundation Board.

Dancing experience: “The occasional wedding dance J”

Go-to dance move: “Toe-tapping”

Favorite dance style: Swing

Least favorite dance style or step: “Hip-hop”

Song that will absolutely get you on the dance floor: “Could I Have this Dance?” (Awwww. Romantic.)

Words to describe what I look like when I’m dancing: “Poetry in motion”

Personal goal for KDWTS: “to help this event be successful and to dance better with Bridget.”

Why did I decide to participate in KDWTS?: “to support a unique fund-raising approach in Kearney.”

Who is your toughest competition… the STAR to beat?: Denny Placzek

Why should KDWTS fans vote for you: “Because I’m begging them to!”

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