Marc Bauer

Interim Athletics Director at UNK

Betty Warren - Kearney's Dancing with the Stars 2

Marc Bauer is a collegiate championship athlete and coach.  As a three-time All-American and a member of the 1991 National Championship wrestling team, he can put a wrestling hold on you, throw you to the floor and pin you in seconds.  Currently finishing his doctoral studies, Bauer has been a physical education teacher to all ages of children and college students, and is a scholar and developer of leadership training and motivation. The Bauer family has been part of UNK for decades, with Marc following in the footsteps of his dad David, who has led UNK’s vocal music groups, and his four kids all have graduated from or are currently studying at UNK: Ryan, Scott, Allison and Julia. He and wife Beth have a year-old granddaughter Eloise. Marc stays active in the community and is currently a member of the board of United Way of the Kearney Area.

What experience do you have dancing? “4th grade – One year of jazz. 7th-8th grade – Air-guitar jam sessions on my parents’ queen-size bed. 9th-11th grade – Awkward silence and staring across the gym.”

Least favorite dance step: “To watch? Waltz.”

Word someone might use to describe you dancing: “Risky.”

Favorite dance: “To watch: Hip hop. To engage in: Slow and ‘wedding songs’ like Cupid Shuffle, Cotton-eyed Joe, Cha-Cha Slide.”

Go-to dance move: “Go with the flow.”

Favorite dance partner: “My wife. She keeps it real.”

Favorite memory involving dancing: I was in Acapulco, Mexico on a trip with my family when I was 9 years old. I remember seeing my parents dance for the first time. I remember watching and thinking two things (1) my parents love each other and (2) my dad can dance.

Personal goal for KDWTS: “Work hard to make a difference in the Kearney community and enjoy the experience.”

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