Kearney's Dancing with the Stars 2016

Elizabeth Plinske

Mom, bookkeeper and marketing manager for Sozo American Cuisine

Elizabeth Plinske Mom, bookkeeper and marketing manager for Sozo American CuisineCheering on the Lopers

Lopers’ “first lady” Elizabeth Plinske brings plenty of energy to Kearney where she and her girls Allison, 4, and Lauren, 2, are dancing in the stands during UNK events cheering on athletic director husband Paul. Elizabeth is a busy mom, volunteers at her daughters’ preschool and is marketing manager and bookkeeper for Sozo American Cuisine. A former college athlete, Elizabeth took two years of ballet lessons at age 4 and also was in pom-pom. She and Paul worked hard practicing for their first dance at their wedding reception, and she has fond memories of dancing in the driveway on their choreographed routine.  And the living room, and the kitchen… Maybe Paul and Elizabeth remember that routine and will dance it for us on April 30?

Least favorite dance step: “Anything slow, like waltz, or anything ‘ballroom’.”

Words to describe what you look like when you dance: “Off beat?”

Favorite dance: “The ‘Cupid Shuffle’ because it tells me what to do.”

Favorite dance partner: “My daughters”

Personal goal for KDWTS: “Not embarrassing my husband or dance partner.”

Why did you decide to participate in KDWTS: “I thought it would be a fun way to get involved and get to know people in the Kearney community.”

Favorite ‘Dancing with the Stars’ star: “Derek Hough. He can make anyone look like they can dance.”

Why fans should vote for you: “For my willingness to try, even if I embarrass myself!”

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