Renae Zimmer

Co-founder, Central Nebraska LOSS Team

Betty Warren - Kearney's Dancing with the Stars 2

Renae Zimmer is passionate about doing whatever she can to prevent suicide – including dancing in this competition. As a co-founder for the Central Nebraska Local Outreach to Suicide Survivors, she experiences first-hand the impact of suicide on families and friends who lose someone they love. Renae is also very active in other community organizations including Habitat for Humanity, Junior Achievement, Kearney Area Chamber of Commerce and Envoys, and with the Suicide Prevention Coalition of Buffalo County Community Partners. She and husband Dave are parents to Nolan and Kamryn.

Dancing experience: “Not a lot, but I do love to dance. I can identify a beat, which hopefully will help.”

Favorite dance style: “I like to watch hip-hop dancing. I love the dance shows on TV.”

Least favorite dance style or step: Country line dancing.

Favorite dance partner: “My husband is a great dance partner and partner for life.”

 ‘Go-to’ dance move: “When the Cupid Shuffle plays at weddings, it’s hard for me to sit still.”

Song that will get you out on the dance floor: “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars.

Favorite memory of dancing: “The Skylon Ballroom in my hometown of Hartington. We had the best music and the best time.”

Personal goal for KDWTS: “Have fun, get some exercise, laugh, and not take things too seriously – but work hard too.”

Why should KDWTS fans vote for you?: “I am devoted to mental health of our community and to helping families who lose loved ones to suicide. I hope people can see and understand there is life and happiness after tragedy. Sometimes that is the trajectory of our lives, we have bad things happen to us—and we move forward.  And, sometimes we are put on earth to help people navigate through their pain to hopefully find peace in the end.”

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