Mark Stute

Principal, Meadowlark Elementary School

Betty Warren - Kearney's Dancing with the Stars 2

Who would know that this elementary principal once was king of the dance floor back in college and that he and his friend Leslie Martin have taught dance lessons? Is that an unfair advantage, competitors? Not so fast, Mark says – that was a longgggggg time ago (at least 25 years) – and we ALL had to do some pretty good arm-twisting to get him to agree to put back on his dance shoes. But his heart is in this for McKenna, who was part of his Meadowlark Elementary family and was in the same classroom at Meadlowlark 1st-5th grade when Mark and his family moved here. When he’s not busy leading the staff and students at Meadowlark, he is attending sporting events and truly enjoys watching all of them, particularly volleyball matches, as he has had involvement with many youth and club teams through the years. He and wife Mary are parents to Morgan and Matthew, who both attend UNK.

What experience do you have dancing? “I used to go country dancing a LONG time ago.”

Music that will get you on to the dance floor every time: “Cotton-eyed Joe.”

Words to describe what you look like when you dance: “I would have no idea and probably don’t want to know.”

Favorite dance style: “Country swing.”

Least-favorite dance style: “Line dancing.”

Go-to dance move: “Jitterbug.”

Favorite memory of dancing: “Meeting so many people.”

Personal goal for KDWTS: “Raising awareness for suicide prevention.”

Favorite Dancing with the Stars pro or star: “Alfonso Ribeiro”

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