Kearney's Dancing with the Stars 2016

Leslie Means

Founder/owner Her View From Home

Leslie Means Founder/owner Her View From HomeDancing keyboard

Former broadcast journalist Leslie Means has been inspiring readers of her columns and blogs for years and now she’ll inspire them to dance? Or at least to learn more about some of her favorite Kearney area causes? Leslie and husband Kyle stay busy at home with daughters Ella, 7, and Grace, 5, and are still fans of ‘90s music, like Bon Jovi and Bryan Adams. They are also active in the community, their church and school, and volunteer for World Theatre. Her experience with dancing consists of middle school dances… and her “move” on the dance floor usually involves cupping her hands like a microphone and lip-syncing – to Bon Jovi. Let’s bet we see some of that during her performance.

Music that will get you on to the dance floor every time: “Bon Jovi”

Words to describe what you look like when you dance: “Spastic?”

Favorite dance partner: “Kyle and the girls.”

Favorite memory of dancing: “Bon Jovi. Do you see a theme?”

Why did you decide to participate in KDWTS: “I love the Kearney community. And it’s always fun to be a part of something and to be involved.”

Personal goal for KDWTS: “To win! No, seriously, to have fun and support the team to raise funds.”

Who is your STAR to beat in this competition: “Everyone will be tough.”

Why fans should vote for you: “Because I’m really terrible so they might throw a sympathy vote my way.”

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