Jonathan Nikkila

City Council Member
“The Running Man”

Jonathan Nikkila is an author, photographer, marketing consultant AND a politician – he’s been a member of Kearney City Council for 5 years. He’s also a competitive 5K and 10K runner. So this guy may claim to have little dancing experience, but he’s in great shape, agile, and he doesn’t like getting beat. He has some family ties and tradition to polka – the official dance of his mother’s side of the family – but don’t ask him to do Chicken Dance or the Hokey Pokey. Both were banned from his wedding reception. When Jonathan isn’t chasing bugs he’s volunteering for Kearney Catholic as assistance cross country and distance track coach, as board vice-chair for

Jonathan Nikkila - Kearney's Dancing with the Stars 2

Kearney Works, and has been past campaign co-chair for Buffalo County Community Partners. He was also on the city Board of Adjustment. Jonathan’s wife, Miriam, and children Elisa, Samuel, Bennett, and Henry will be cheering him on.

Dancing experience: “I had one semester of dance in college for PE credit. My partner was the homecoming queen.”

Go-to dance move: “I’m equally good or bad at all of them.”

Song that will absolutely get you on the dance floor: “I’m not sure that exists.” Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” or any up-tempo song by Smashing Pumpkins make me want to rock my head and jump around.”

Favorite dance partner: “My daughter at the annual daddy/daughter date night by Kearney Parks and Rec.”

Words to describe what I look like when I’m dancing: “Awkard.” “Infrequent.”

Who is your toughest competition… the STAR to beat?: “Chief Lynch because he seems like someone who would shock you by having a secret, unexpected talent such as ballroom dancing.” OR “Jon Watts, because many people mistake us for each other. It’s possible most of the people who would want to vote for me may vote for him accidentally. Except my mom. I assume she can tell us apart.”

Favorite memory involving dancing: “Kenwood Elementary talent show when two friends and I danced to ‘Jailhouse Rock’.”

Why did I decide to participate in KDWTS?: “To help a good cause, and because my wife didn’t think I would do it.”

Why should KDWTS fans vote for you: “Because there’s always a chance I may vote to lower your taxes if I win.”

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