Kearney's Dancing with the Stars 2016

Marge Lauer

CEO, Xylemer Bio-Products

Marge Lauer CEO, Zylemer Bio-ProductsGrandma gone wild

She said it – she’s the grandma gone wild… with her favorite dance move: The “sexy spin.” Marge is well-known in the agriculture and business community and now knows her business in bio-products as CEO of Xylemer Bio-Products. Husband Jim, son Phillip Lauer of Lincoln and daughter Kyla Trumble of Phillips keep her busy, as well as two grandsons. She has served on the board of directors at CHI Good Samaritan Hospital. She was founding Executive Director of the Kearney Area Community Foundation and led Phase One of Yanney Heritage Park. Marge knows how to raise funds… look out competitors! Marge is fierce. With eclectic music tastes ranging from Rock N Roll to Two-Step and waltz, Marge’s wide range will be hard to beat.

Dancing experience: “Not a lot, but I love it” Ballroom dancing and line-dancing classes

Least favorite dance style or step: “Any I can’t do.”

Favorite dance partner: “My mom.”

Song that will get her on to the dance floor: Smooth (Santana), Start Me Up (Rolling Stones)

Why did you decide to participate in KDWTS: “Good causes, good fun, good challenge.”

Personal goal for KDWTS: Keep up with the younger dancers.

Why should KDWTS fans vote for you?: “Because I’m going to try harder than anyone… I’ll have to!”

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