Tom Henning

CEO, Cash Wa Distributing Co.
“Mary Henning’s husband”


Tom Henning - Kearney's Dancing wiith the Stars 2

Whatever Mary says about her grandchildren, Tom says that times 100. This is a busy and involved family. Tom is also extensively involved in the Kearney community, serving on the boards of Buffalo County Economic Development Council, Merryman Performing Arts, the Nebraska Revenue Forecasting Board, the Federal Reserve Board, the Arch Forward Committee, and the State Chamber of Commerce.

Experience dancing: “Just for fun.”

Favorite dance memories: “Too many to list.”

Favorite dance partner: Mary Henning

Go-to dance move: “The bump (jitterbug)” (Do we think Tom copied off Mary’s paper?)

Song that will get you on the dance floor every time: “Anything from ‘Momma Mia’ (Abba)

Why did you decide to participate in KDWTS: “I was volunteered.”

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