Jon Watts

Vice Chancellor Business and Finance at UNK
“Brain for Business, Bod for Dancing”

Jon Watts left public office (Kearney Public Schools Board of Education) in 2016 after becoming vice chancellor for Business and Finance at UNK – with a promise to take some time out of the public eye. So here he is now. With a demanding job and family responsibilities, Jon has little chance to enjoy exploring the performing arts – but says this is a chance to show wife Erin and daughter Ava that he can learn to do more than just daddy-daughter Date Night and obligatory wedding dances. Jon and Erin are also parents to little wildmen Brody and Mason. Jon maintains memberships on Kearney Public Schools Foundation Board and on Yanney Heritage Park Board. In his free time he enjoys hunting and running.

Jon Watts - Vice Chancellor Business and Finance at UNK

Dancing experience: “I danced with Erin at our wedding. We took a few lessons which didn’t go well.”

Favorite dance style: “Honestly, I don’t dance, but enjoy watching the Cha Cha.”

Least favorite dance style: Ballroom or anything slow

Go-to dance move: Freestyle

Song that will absolutely get you on the dance floor: The Chicken Dance

Favorite dance partner: All three kids

Favorite memory involving dancing: “My aunt Pam passed away at a young age but I will always remember dancing with her at our wedding.”

Favorite Dancing with the Stars pro or star: “Tony Dovolani – but I won’t be taking my shirt off.”

Why are you participating in KDWTS: “To be able to raise funds for the Veterans Memorial. And someone on the planning committee made me.”

Who is your toughest competition… the STAR to beat?: “Betty Warren and Dan Lynch.”

Why should fans vote for you: “Out of pity for my partner Carrie.”

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