Erika Godfrey

 Owner/Gemologist, Hawthorne Jewelry
“Shining Bright like a Diamond”

Erika Godfrey - Kearney's Dancing with the Stars 2

Erika Godfrey has been a fixture in downtown Kearney for years, at Hawthorne Jewelry. She’s also active in local theater, in musicals and productions for Crane River Theatre, appearing in ‘Man of La Mancha,’ ‘Music Man,’ ‘Footloose’ (uh-oh dancers – look out!) and as a singer in choirs at First United Methodist Church and Platte River Singers. She has served as Nebraska-South Dakota Jewelers Association president, board member of the Retail Jewelers Organization and Retail Jewelers Foundation. Erika is mom to Ella and Kait.

Dancing experience: “I was a cheerleader. Once. Years ago. But note that mostly involved some jumping and a lot of yelling – not so much dancing.”

Favorite dance style: “Any that allows the girl to lead.”

Least-favorite dance style: “Any that requires that I count to keep a beat. Or fly through the air. Or spin too much.”

Go-to dance move: “Saturday Night Fever disco pose.”

Song that will absolutely get you on the dance floor: “I like Meatloaf. But I don’t dance in public.”

Favorite dance partner: “Someone who makes my mistakes look like they aren’t mistakes.”

Words to describe what I look like when I’m dancing: Off-beat; eclectic (“those were the nice words uttered between snickers.”)

Favorite memory involving dancing: “When my girls were young, I let them dance on the tables. They thought I was the coolest mom ever.”

Goal for participating in KDWTS: “I’d like to have fun trying something completely out of my comfort zone – and to make it through without breaking an ankle.”

Why are you participating in KDWTS: “I’ve always been interested in what Rotary brings to our community. This allows me an opportunity to be part of a great project.”

Who is your toughest competition… the STAR to beat?: “Everyone.”

Why should fans vote for you: “After forcing my partner and instructor to endure practices involving my lack of balance and coordination, I’m hoping to have improved just enough to not embarrass my team or myself – and make us proud of our accomplishments.”

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