Drake Beranek

Kearney High Basketball Coach and Teacher

Betty Warren - Kearney's Dancing with the Stars 2

Being tall, lean and able to jump has earned Drake Beranek some respect on the basketball court, but being able to dunk isn’t going to earn him votes for his dancing ability. Or will it? This former basketball standout says he’s looking forward to learning to dance, but his coach better be creative and a good teacher – because he’s not a natural. This new dad to Kinley, who is almost 2, stays busy with wife Kaitlyn, and with his teaching and coaching duties. He also says his favorite dance moves are the Sprinkler and the Booty Drop. – But he’s just kidding.

Dancing experience: “None.”

How might someone describe your dancing: “Funny or terrible. You choose!”

Least favorite dance style or step: “Serious ones?”

Favorite dance partner: “My wife.”

Song that will get her on to the dance floor: ‘Get Low’ by Lil John and ‘Yeah’ by Usher. “I’m a 2K guy.”

What is your favorite memory involving dancing: “My first-ever dance in fifth grade. Putting deodorant on after every song. Long story.”

Why did you decide to participate in KDWTS: “My wife thought it would be fun for me. She watches it on TV.”

Why should KDWTS fans vote for you?: “We will have a good time.”

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